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Call for Proposals

July 11, 2011

FELTspace is now accepting proposals, due Monday August 15th 5pm,

check the proposals page for details.


Katrina Simmons- strange deeply & Zoe Brooks- I Heard

July 10, 2011
Opening the 13th of July, Wednesday 6pm at FELTspace
From the 14th-30th of July
Katrina Simmons- strange deeply


Zoe Brooks- I Heard

Katrina Simmons- strange deeply

In Jean Luc Godard’s 1965 movie Alphaville: The Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution, words are continually removed from the official dictionary. Poetry, conscience, why and love have all been banned but also weeping, autumn light and tenderness. In Godards’, futuristic dystopia emotionless citizens are ruled by technology and the logic of science has replaced the independent thought of artists, thinkers and poets.

Strange deeply, a new exhibition by Katrina Simmons opening July 13th at FELTSpace, draws on Godard’s screenplay, among other things, to investigate the slipperiness of contemporary meanings. Utilising a diverse range of materials, including beeswax, paint, concrete, leather, thread and found objects, these new sculptures are deliberately provisional or process based as she argues that “meaningless” work also reflects an important understanding of lived experience.

Katrina Simmons- Biography

Katrina Simmons is an installation and sculptural artist whose work deals with failure, dysfunction and instability within social communication and interpersonal relationships. Her recent work has been concerned with the breakdowns and ruptures that occur between the internalised anxieties of the artist and contemporary socio-cultural and political systems. Katrina holds a PhD in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia (2009). She has exhibited in solo shows at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia and Adelaide Central School of Art. Group exhibitions include Epic Fail (FELTspace, 2010); Room (CAST, Hobart, 2007); Something Shows Something to Someone (Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 2006); Snapshot: Contemporary South Australian Art (Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2006); and Modern Love (Downtown Art Space, Adelaide). Katrina is also active in arts writing and has lectured extensively in the visual arts at TAFESA and the University of South Australia.

Image attached: Katrina Simmons, Evocation (Detail), embroidery thread, acrylic paint, beeswax, masking tape, found wire frame (2011) variable dimensions.

Zoe Brooks- I Heard

I heard divulges into an undisclosed perverse psyche revealing a sense of personal evaluation, confessional thought, hidden agendas and perception of character. Ideals of belonging intertwine to create self-righteous statements that question our connection to life, existence and ones sense of place in society.

The unravelling of text mimics a language of youthful curiosity and configuresin explanations of things beyond ones comprehension. A text that spells out the difference of social behaviour as personality soon develops after separation, as we grow from our mould.

The progression of journey may be different but it’s the connection to each other and

to something bigger is in question.

Zoe Brooks- Biography

Zoë Brooks is an emerging young Adelaide based visual artist. With shifting mediums that blur the boundaries of paint, installation and sculpture, her art becomes a transformation of space. Zoë draws on the inspiration of being a young person – with underlying themes of subverting the innocence as she creates “naughty art” drawn from experiences of the everyday. As ideals of belonging intertwine with the relationships we encounter, the subject for creating and recording becomes endless.

Since the completion a Bachelor of Visual Arts from O’Halloran Hill TAFE in 2009, Zoë was selected to exhibit in the 2010 Helpmann Academy Graduate Show and constructed large scale street installations using the city as a back drop for paintings. Her recent achievements include winning the Dr. Kemeri Murray AO Award in the 2010 Youth Scape, Royal South Australian Society of Arts Prize.

Image attached: Zoë Brooks, The Herd (Detail), (2011) variable dimensions.

Silence is Golden: Matt Warren (Tas)

May 31, 2011

Opening Wed. June 2nd 6pm

Exhibition open 3rd to 20th June.

Born in Burnie, Tasmania.  Relocated to Hobart in 1991 to study visual art at University of Tasmania’s
Centre for the Arts, emerging in 1995 with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Graduate Diploma in Art
Craft & Design. Working primarily in time-based media, Matt creates installations, single channel video,
audio works, and performance. His work investigates memory, transcendence and suspension of disbelief.In 1999 Matt received an Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship to undertake
Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice research at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
Other awards received include the Marie Edwards Travelling Scholarship (2008) Australian Postgraduate
Award (2006) and the New Media Skills and Arts Development grant from Australia Council for the Arts (2003),
with which he travelled to Germany to undertake research into Germany Expressionist cinema and Krautrock,
the latter being the subject of a documentary, Stoic Rhythms – A Krautrock Fan’s Journey. He has also created
a documentary about Canadian electronic musician/composer Jean-Yves Thériault (2000) and an audio/radio
documentary about UK musician/composer Mick Harris (2008).

Matt has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Montreal, Tábor; Czech Republic, New Zealand and
throughout Tasmania. He has held residencies with Jean-Yves Thériault in Montreal, Canada, with Damo Suzuki
in Cologne, Germany and at Raw Space in Brisbane as well as multiple residencies at CESTA (Czech Republic).

Within his visual, aural and performance practice Matt has collaborated with Sean Bacon, Edward Colless,
Concrete Lung, Scot Cotterell Eli Crews, Tom Hall, Leigh Hobba, Beth Lisick, Deborah Pollard, Sally Rees,
Lena Stuart, Damo Suzuki, Jean-Yves Thériault and John Vella amongst others.

Matt’s music and sound activities include the solo projects mumble(speak) (which undertook an Australian tour in 2010),
Broken Tiny, the improvisational electronic music trio TRIAD (2009 Australian tour), collaboration with Scot Cotterell called dÜo
the psyche/drone duo Untermorast and the industrial/metal duo M.O.I.O (Machines Of Indeterminate Origin).

In 2009 he completed PhD research in time-based media at UTAS.
Matt lives and works in Hobart.

image: Matt Warren, ‘üüüüüüüüüü’ (Detail), (2011) variable dimensions. 

LaLaLahLaLaLaLah: Maarten Daudeij with Mal Wass and backroom Ordered Chaos: Mary Coventry

May 2, 2011


Opening Wednesday 4th May at 6:00pm.
Exhibition open 5th til 22nd of May    

Artist talk Friday May 20th at 6pm.

Maarten Daudeij with Mal Wass

The Way IT isN’T.
Just ways beyond to stay where you are: Zen, Jung, phenomenology, the singularity problem – Daudeij and Wass adrift, paddling, kicking, gasping – only to return with artworks; just ways beyond to stay where you are.

Maarten Daudeij-(b. 1981 Well, The Netherlands) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Sculpture and Installation at the University of South Australia. In his work he explores the notion of exploring.

Image (left): Maarten Daudeij, Design for Exhibition Space Super Position (2011

Ordered Chaos

Mary Coventry

Chair and Table stack #26 exists for the first time in FELTspace gallery. It has been born there and it will die there and therefore is entirely site specific to the space. Each stack in the series has been built using the same objects or building blocks in an ongoing investigation pushing the limits of balance and gravity as fixings. As a result of this method of making, the stacks cannot be exhibited together as they only exist one at a time.

Mary Coventry is a processes based sculptor who works primarily with found objects,wooden furniture and building materials. Her recent work explores ideas of structural elevation using gravity as a fixing; the last eight months culminating into a series of stacks. After sourcing many chairs, tables, and other miscellaneous objects, she then uses these individual objects as building blocks to create structurally precarious, even dangerous yet delicate self-supporting stacks.

Mary completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts with honours at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2008. She lives and works in Adelaide and has previously exhibited at Gallery 211, Tin Cat Café Gallery and several times at Adelaide Central Gallery.

Image (right): Mary Coventry, Chair and table stack #3, (2010) variable dimesions.


April 24, 2011

FELTspace is looking to extend opening hours allowing local and interstate artists greater windows of opportunity for exposure and we need pro-active people like you to do this. If you would be interested in volunteering some time please contact us on or chat to us at one of our openings. Volunteering not only looks great on your CV but is also a valuable networking platform to the Adelaide arts community.

Hope to hear from you!

Things that recall us to Earth : Talia Wignall with Here No Evil : Yanni Floros

April 3, 2011

Opening on Wednesday 6th April at 6pm,
Exhibitions run 6th-23rd of April

Talia Wignall -Biography
Talia Wignall completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design at Adelaide Centre for the Arts in 2006, then graduating with Honours in visual arts and the South Australian School of Art (SASA).

Upon graduating Talia has exhibited solo and in group exhibitions at spaces such as Light Square, FELTspace, Gallery 139, Artspace at the Adelaide Festival Centre and Carclew Youth Arts. Her work has received a number of commendations and awards including The artEast Maras Group $1000 art prize (2007) and the Art Stretchers Award for Highest Student Graduate in Painting (2006). In 2008 Talia was a recipient of the Helpmann Academy Optus mentorship program, being mentored by renowned Adelaide artist Chelsea Lehmann. Talia was selected a finalist in the 2009 National Youth Self Portrait prize at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Top Image: Talia Wignall, Ain’t no mountain high enough (2011) 65 x 102cm, pencil on paper.

Yanni Floro’s -Biography

Yanni Floros is an Adelaide based artist that trained at the National Art School in Sydney graduating as a sculpture major. Since then he has shown his work around Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and has been a finalist in art prizes such as the Dobell Drawing Prize 2010 and the Lethbridge 10000. He also exhibits with Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne and Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane. His work extends across the disciplines of painting, sculpture and drawing and focuses on the pursuits of man and how those pursuits impact our development.

Bottom Image: Yanni Floros, Here No Evil (2011) 102cm X 72cm, charcoal on paper

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FELTspace GOLD Publication Launch.

February 28, 2011

FELTspace Gold: A Survey of Emerging Contemporary Art Practice in South Australia 2011

will be launched at FELTspace, Wednesday March 9th 6.00 pm.

FELTspace GOLD presents the work of South Australia’s brightest up and coming contemporary artists, it surveys the practices of twenty eight emerging artists working in the areas of cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration, performance, video, glass, sculpture, painting, and drawing. The work of each artist is wonderfully illustrated and accompanied by a specially commissioned text from one of four emerging arts writers. This beautifully produced publication continues the commitment of FELTspace to building an active and supportive contemporary arts community in South Australia through an exciting regular program of exhibitions and ongoing projects with local and interstate arts organizations. It marks a significant point in the ARI’s development and its aim of developing a nationally recognised platform for emerging contemporary artists, writers and curators in Adelaide. FELTspace GOLD has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts’ Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists (Artist Run Initiatives) Program.

Come join us as we launch this exciting publication and celebrate emerging Adelaide artists.

Stay tuned for updates on launch program and events to be announced soon.