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FELTspace is now accepting proposals.

Due Monday August 15th for the first half of 2012.

please either email proposals to or mail to:

12 Compton St Adelaide
SA  5000


Artists/curators may submit more than one proposal. Artists/curators of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to apply; however submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance.

There is no application form as such, but please observe the following preferred layout when emailing or posting your proposal:

Cover Sheet (1 A4 Page)

Include your name, mobile number, email address & postal address. Please provide all names in group/collaborative proposal applications. Please list preferred exhibition dates and the amount of space required, i.e. half gallery/full gallery,

1.Proposal (Maximum 500 words in total) comprising of

a) Rationale

A brief, succinct outline of the main ideas/concepts informing your wider artistic practice and how these concepts might be developed/explored within your proposed exhibition at FELTspace.

b) Exhibition Description

A brief, technical, no-nonsense description of how you envisage the work might look in the space eg. “Large scale paintings occupying south wall, small scale sculpture (on plinths) occupying entirety of north wall” If there are any special requirements in terms of installation or equipment, mention them here. Be as specific as you can, but it doesn’t matter if changes occur later. We encourage continual development of the proposal rather than a ‘lock-down’ of your ideas and thoughts regarding the exhibition.

2. Selected CV or Biography ( please do not include employment details in your CV unless they directly apply to your arts practice)

3. Visual Material List

Include name, title, year and materials.

Visual Material:

DVD/CD (Maximum 10 images individual/ 20 images group) OR .mov file/DVD rom max. 5 min duration)

Do not send originals.  If sending via post, include an appropriately sized stamped self-addressed envelope for return of material. FELTspace will not return material unless this is provided. We ask to hold successful applicants visual material until their exhibition opening




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