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LaLaLahLaLaLaLah: Maarten Daudeij with Mal Wass and backroom Ordered Chaos: Mary Coventry

May 2, 2011


Opening Wednesday 4th May at 6:00pm.
Exhibition open 5th til 22nd of May    

Artist talk Friday May 20th at 6pm.

Maarten Daudeij with Mal Wass

The Way IT isN’T.
Just ways beyond to stay where you are: Zen, Jung, phenomenology, the singularity problem – Daudeij and Wass adrift, paddling, kicking, gasping – only to return with artworks; just ways beyond to stay where you are.

Maarten Daudeij-(b. 1981 Well, The Netherlands) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Sculpture and Installation at the University of South Australia. In his work he explores the notion of exploring.

Image (left): Maarten Daudeij, Design for Exhibition Space Super Position (2011

Ordered Chaos

Mary Coventry

Chair and Table stack #26 exists for the first time in FELTspace gallery. It has been born there and it will die there and therefore is entirely site specific to the space. Each stack in the series has been built using the same objects or building blocks in an ongoing investigation pushing the limits of balance and gravity as fixings. As a result of this method of making, the stacks cannot be exhibited together as they only exist one at a time.

Mary Coventry is a processes based sculptor who works primarily with found objects,wooden furniture and building materials. Her recent work explores ideas of structural elevation using gravity as a fixing; the last eight months culminating into a series of stacks. After sourcing many chairs, tables, and other miscellaneous objects, she then uses these individual objects as building blocks to create structurally precarious, even dangerous yet delicate self-supporting stacks.

Mary completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts with honours at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2008. She lives and works in Adelaide and has previously exhibited at Gallery 211, Tin Cat Café Gallery and several times at Adelaide Central Gallery.

Image (right): Mary Coventry, Chair and table stack #3, (2010) variable dimesions.

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