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Feel for FELTspace auction Fundraiser.

October 11, 2010

Thank you so much to our generous artists, whose support gave us a lot of great work to raise money with:

Nicholas Folland, James Dodd, Sera Waters, Louise Hasselton, Olga Sankey, Romi Graham, Thom Buchanan, Roy Ananda, Laura Wills, Akira Akira, Paul Sloan, Deidre But-Husaim, Christian Lock, Will Nolan, Dianna Longley, Amira Hajar, Sam Songailo, Ray Harris, Logan MacDonald, Matt Huppatz, Brigid Noone, Sam Howie, Katrina Simmons, Nicole Greenslade, Riley Okeeffe, Chris Boha, Lee Salomone and Kristal Britcher.

To our entertaining auctioneer who made the auction a fun, funny, successful event:

Monte lawton-Masi

and too all our lovely bidders who came along and bought work and helped us to raise money to keep going! It was a great night.


And thanks to Hugh Langlands-Bell for the amazing photos.

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