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FELTspace @ structural integrity- 1st looks!

May 4, 2010

Hiya folks. As some of you know, the FELTspace crew is currently participating in Structural Integrity, a keynote project of the 2010 Nextwave Festival in Melbourne. To borrow from Nextwave Festival’s description of the project:

Working on-site at the Meat Market in the month leading up to the Festival, each artist group will create a large-scale structure, or ‘pavilion’, inside this vast historical building. Taking wildly different forms, from faux architectural constructions, to new media laboratories, sound installations, public workshops, and many variations in between, the eleven pavilions will form a snapshot of emerging arts practice in today’s rapidly changing artistic and geo-cultural landscape. Some of the pavilions will house additional artworks, whilst others will simply exist as the artwork itself. Many invite public interaction, welcoming audiences into the lively and chaotic world that each structure represents.

We’ve been working on a large-scale facade which is a little bit Mt Lofty, a little bit Magic Mountain and a little bit fortress. See below! Action stations!

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