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FELTspace April Exhibitions- final week!

April 20, 2010

SHAW HENDRY – Hermano Fan Club
JESSIE LUMB – Transitory Phenomenon in an Obscure


FELTspace open:
Thurs 1-5
Fri 3-7
Sat 11-3
or by appointment +61405611312

about the artists:

SHAW HENDRY has played in cover bands, worked as a crossword author, been an avid Simpson’s memorabilia collector and, in more recent years, has worked as a Technical Officer in the SA School of Art at UniSA.  His artistic achievements include many solo and group exhibitions at such venues as the Jam Factory, Greenaway Art Gallery, Artspace and Adelaide Central Gallery. Hendry’s interactive exhibition, Honey, featured in the 2008 SALA Festival at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia. In 2004 Hendry founded and was the chief editor of Vitamin, a local visual culture magazine. Vitamin (2004-2007) was fundamental in reinvigorating the dialogue and critical thinking among emerging and mid-career artists and writers within the local arts community of Adelaide. Episodes of Vitamin are available as downloadable PDF files from THE VITAMIN ARCHIVE. Throughout 2009 Hendry was coordinating a Vitamin Redux edition, which will be launched later this year. In June 2009 Hendry created HERMANO FAN CLUB, an online social networking group. Since its inception, Hendry, under the alias of Hermano Rojo, has performed twice in public and on both occasions a cohort of wandering minstrels accompanied the ukulele master extraordinaire with percussion, bass, tambourine and kazoo.

"Hermano (Art Quality Portrait)", digital image, 2009, by Shaw Hendry

JESSIE LUMB is a South Australian artist working in the field of sculpture and installation. A recent graduate from the South Australian School of Art she has been actively exhibiting throughout her degree in Adelaide’s artist run spaces, most recently at Seedling Art Space, Format Festival and with the Two Percent Collective. Working entirely from her engagement with a site, she intervenes directly with the surrounding architecture to create works which become one with the space. A transient phenomenon in an obscure corner is her reaction to the small, white, back gallery at FELT.

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